African and Caribbean food at wholesale level

AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is your African food and non-food trading company that sells its products at wholesale level to grocery wholesalers, independent retailers and food service distributors in Belgium and other European countries. Buy all your African products at Afro International Products, your cash and carry warehouse. In our wide selection, you will find more than just African food, since we also sell Caribbean and Asian products at wholesale level. Our headquarters are located in Antwerp, Belgium. Continue reading to find out more about our specific products.

African, Caribbean and Asian food at international wholesale level

Afro Foods International is an African, Caribbean and Asian food trading company that sells beans, drinks, fish, rice, spices and vegetables, but also drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, such as D’jino fruit cocktails, at wholesale level. Our shop receives acclaim for its exotic selection. We provide products that are often hard to come by in Europe. The authenticity of our products is therefore a major asset. We offer typical African brands at wholesale level, such as African fufu Flakes, but also sunny Caribbean drinks, such as Old Jamaica Ginger Beer. However, we are strongly committed to the cultures and therefore consider it important to offer authentic non-food products as well. These are mainly cooking utensils, such as a typical African mortar. It is used as a pestle to crush and mix food. Further on in our range, you will find other cooking utensils, such as a round cooking pot, but also non-cooking products such as toothpaste. Take a look at the products page and find the products you are looking for quickly and easily by using the handy filters.

More about our shops

AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is located in Antwerp and has two shops: one in the Muizenstraat 20-22 and one in the Dambruggestraat 17, at only a 5 minutes’ walk away from each other. We also have a modern warehouse in Deurne. It has a storage of about 1500 square meters. However, we see our online presence as a great asset. As an online trading company of Asian food and African products, AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL can supply at wholesale level in many European countries.

Feel free to ask questions

Trading company AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is available for all questions about the wholesale of our African and Caribbean products. It is probable that some of our products may need extra clarification, because some of them not well-know or even totally new to our European clients. So please do not hesitate to ask about our extensive selection of African, Asian and Caribbean products. We are happy to help!

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