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The sale of African food at wholesale level in Germany

AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is an interesting shop for the wholesale of African products in Germany. With our extensive selection when it comes to African, Asian and Caribbean products, we are the go-to trading company in Germany. We do not only offer food, but also non-food equipment, such as cosmetic items and cooking equipment. We highly recommend checking out the authentic items in our store. Continue reading and find out more about the approach of AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL shop in Germany.

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Buy African food at wholesale level in Germany

Since AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is mainly an online trading company of African food, we always recommend our clients from Germany to try out our African specialties such as Afp fufu flakes. These flakes are made from dried and mashed potatoes and are also available in the form of flour. AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL’s African food products are not only available in Germany, as our trading company also delivers in other European countries, such as Spain, Sweden and Belgium. In AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL’s web shop, you will not only find African products for wholesale, we are also an online trading company for Asian food. Try out Asian food specialities, such as fresh ginger from China, or Caribbean products, like tropical sun Jamaica callaloo.


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AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is the number one shop for the wholesale of African food in Germany. AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is available for all questions from Germany about the wholesale of African products of our trading company. We are aware of the fact that some of our products may need a clarification, since some of them are too exotic and totally new to our European clients. So please do not hesitate to ask about our extensive selection. Use the contact form on our website to reach us, or call us on +32 3 232 42 77 or send an e-mail to info@afrofoodsinternational.com.

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