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The wholesale of African food

When it comes to the wholesale of African food products such as vegetables, AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is the number one supplier. Thanks to our easy-to-use online web shop, you can find the products you are looking for in no time. Do you prefer not to order online? Absolutely no problem! We also have two shops in Antwerp, in the Muizenstraat 20-22 and in the Dambruggestraat 17, where you are welcome every weekday from 9 AM to 6 PM. Read on to find out more about our food products.

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The wholesale of African, Caribbean and Asian food

AFRO FOODS INTERNATIONAL is the number one supplier of African, Caribbean and Asian products, such as vegetables, spices and drinks. Our selection includes kola nuts. These are known for their bitter taste. Asian vegetables, such as ginger from China, can also be found in our selection. In addition, you will also find Eddoes. An eddoe is a tropical vegetable mainly used for its thickened stems. We are an international supplier, and most of the time, these African vegetables and all our other food are sold online at wholesale level. Our headquarters are in Belgium, but we are also active in the rest of Europe. We are a sought-after supplier of African food, such as vegetables and spices, in countries such as Spain, Poland and Germany.


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As a supplier of African food, we are happy to talk about our unique products, such as vegetables, and to explain how we operate at wholesale level. We often notice that our products are not always very well-known in European countries. However, we do not mind at all and are eager to give you some more information about the wholesale of our African food. Call us on +32 3 232 42 77 or send an e-mail to info@afrofoodsinternational.com. We also have a contact form on this website you can use to reach us even more quickly.

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